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Coaches becoming Ambulances during WWII

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Coaches Become Ambulances

The ambulance coaches were transferred to garages in the London area. Initially used to assist with the evacuation of hospital patients they were later deployed following air raids to attend to civilians.

In accordance with a prior agreement with Government, when war came, practically all Green Line coaches and some other single deck vehicles were converted into ambulances capable of taking 8-10 stretcher cases.

Green Line coaches were the vehicles that operated the 'country' arm of London Passenger Transport Board's (LPTB) service, running from London to towns such as Ascot, Dorking, and Reigate.

On 1 September 1939, all Green Line coach services were withdrawn, the equipment was installed as coaches came off service, and within 5 hours over 400 coaches were ready for duty as ambulances.

They were to be kept constantly manned by the LPTB and ready for instant service. Plans for the conversion were completed and equipment manufactured by the LPTB's engineers' before war was declared.

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