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This series contains an alphabetical register of inspectors including list of names, badge numbers, addresses, and dates of entering and leaving the service.


Daily harvests of the top pages of the main TfL website during major events and incidents

This series contains staff registers of staff transferred from the London General Omnibus Company (LGOC), London County Council (LCC) and possibly other organisations on establishment of the London Passenger Transport Board (LPTB) in 1933, and later recruits, with details of dates of birth, service dates, promotions and transfers.


This series contains staff record cards and a register detailing the date of birth, location of employment, date entered the service and previous employer.


This series contains books and indexes concerning duplicate orders of the Highways Committee from the General Manager of Tramways Office. In addition there is a book of agreements of service between conductors and LCCT.


Digital records created by London Rail, including Docklands Light Railway, London Overground, CrossRail, and London Trams.


This series contains agreements between the Chief Officer of the London County Council Tramways and the drivers of the tramway cars or omnibuses of the Council. These volumes contain names of individual employees. Some of the contracts have been cancelled.


This series contains registers kept at Bull Yard and Reigate Works to record details of employees under the age of 18 and to list accidents occurring at the workplace. Also includes reports and related correspondence concerning inspections of boilers and lifting equipment at Bull Yard and Nunhead Garage.


This series contains staff registers for London County Council Tramways and a complete index of drivers, motormen and conductors. The registers contain details of staff appointed prior to the formation of London County Council (LCC) Tramways in 1896 as the company bought up existing private horse and cable-car companies between 1896 and 1909 with a view to electrification. The registers cover the period during which electric tramcars were gradually being introduced to replace horse-drawn trams (the first LCC electric tramcar was introduced in 1901 and the last LCC horse car was withdrawn in 1915). Until 1908 when the Kingsway Subway under the River Thames was fully opened, the LCC Tramways system consisted of two physically separate systems - the North Side and the South Side. For most purposes the system continued to operate as North and South Side for many years. Contrary to the titles, these volumes contain details of staff working on trams on the system south of the river. In 1920 the registers were superseded by a card index.

circa 1875-1920

This series contains a register with names of conductors, their badge numbers, service dates, districts worked, a summary of their reasons for leaving and cross references to the main register, class volume number and folio.


Analogue Collection - selected material has been digitised

This series contains correspondence, memoranda, financial and statistical information, working papers and reports relating to various aspects of the bus business. It includes details of ticket sales, mileage, project expenditure, budgets and forecasts, privatisation bids, insurance claims and rewards.




This series contains agreements between the London County Council Tramways Chief Officer and the drivers of the tramway cars or omnibuses of the Council. These volumes contain names of individual employees.


This series contains correspondence, reports, notes, statements, schedules, photographs, magazine, notices, drawings and specifications concerning tube and rail rolling stock. Subjects include concrete lining for tube railway tunnels, environmental condition of tube railway systems, civil engineering works, proposed schemes for new tube railways, staff reorganisation, road collisions and reconstruction, improvements and extension to stations.


This series contains statements of accounts; agreements; resolutions of the Surplus Lands Committee authorising the execution of deeds; audit certificates; a capital ledger; a staff register with names of individuals; an index of an agreement book and minutes of meetings of the East London Railway Joint Committee. Also includes notices; reports and press cuttings concerning capital, stocks and shares and solicitors' reports relating to Bills, Parliamentary sessions, court cases, passenger accidents and leases of properties.


This series contains a register of railway engine cleaning staff fines, suspensions and punishments.


During WWI, the staff magazine (TOT) was largely given over to letters received from staff serving overseas. In 2018, the Archives embarked on a project to create audio files of these letters. This folder contains both the printed and spoken versions of those letters. Please be aware that some of the language and terminology used in the letters is outdated and could cause offence. TfL Corporate Archives does not condone the use of such language but cannot censor history and therefore the letters are made available without redaction or interpretation.

This series contains correspondence, memoranda, reports and minutes of meetings of the Metropolitan and Great Central Joint Committee concerning maintenance of stations; staff issues such as pensions, appointments, Superannuation Fund and compensation claims; the company's property portfolio including details of leases, rents, purchases of land, estate agents' reports and surveyors' reports; financial matters such as accounts and statistical returns, expenditure reports, bank and cash arrangements; legal matters including details of solicitors' reports, Parliamentary sessions, Bills, Acts, rules and regulations; contributions to charities; station garden competitions and protests at hoardings and advertisements at Rickmansworth. Also includes tenders, contracts and Agreements relating to the Committee's properties and works to be carried out.


This series contains correspondence, memoranda and papers concerning wartime service obligations of Central Buses staff. Subjects include leave requests for Home Guard duties and requests for deferment of National Service.


Born digital corporate policies issued by Transport for London.


This series contains research material for and correspondence on 'A History of London Transport' by Robbins and T C Barker. The series consists of articles, newspaper cuttings, lectures, photographs, and maps and drawings on a wide range of subjects including: artesian wells; repair of war damage, Acton Works, Heathrow Airport, bus rolling stock, arrangements for Coronation Day 1953, Lord Ashfield, comparison of the legibility of upper and lower case lettering on bus blinds, privilege ticket arrangements, the London Transport Collection, London Aircraft Production Scheme, electrification and power supply and laws relating to proprietors, drivers and conductors of public carriages and London Underground involvement in planning for Moscow Metro. There are also company records of London County Council Tramways, London Electric Railway, London General Omnibus Company Limited and London Passenger Transport Board.


This series contains registers from the Ealing Common Depot of employees under 18 years old; accidents, poisonings and diseases and limewashing treatments. Also includes steam boiler inspection reports; logs of all chains, ropes and lifting tackle inspected before use and certificates of lifting gear.


This series contains accident report books. Each accident is recorded under the following headings: reference number, date of accident, company, name, age, grade, code, garage or depot, place of occurrence, cause of accident, nature of injury, absented, resumed, number of weeks, and compensation paid. Not all the columns are completed for each accident. The series continues under the London Passenger Transport Board but with a new numbering system. Also contains memoranda and correspondence concerning accident numbers, accident legal proceedings and compensation expenses and reserves.


This series contains agreements between the London County Council Tramways Chief Officer and the conductors of tramway cars or omnibuses of the Council, consecutively numbered as required. Each contract occupies one leaf of each volume and applies to one member of staff. Geenrally the only variable elements are the employee's name, starting date, and the signatures. The employee's badge number is usually written at the top of the contract. The contracts are pre-printed with gaps for the changeable elements, which are written in manuscript.


This series contains staff records relating to the LGOC and details of personnel include the garages in which they worked, names, addresses, ages with date of birth, names of last employers, the dates of starting and leaving LGOC, their job title and their reason for leaving. Also included is their previous employment record, alterations in the rate of pay and general information such as accidents and breaches of the Company's regulations. Volume eight contains lists of staff who joined the armed forces during World War I.


This series consists of bound copies of staff magazines with details of staff changes such as retirements and appointments, facilities for staff and news of the company as well as dinners and other social and sporting events. Also includes articles on events such as royal jubilees and coronations, visits from overseas delegates studying London Transport, railway accidents, problems with increased violence on trains and buses, the proposed subsidising of cheaper fares by the Greater London Council, sights of interest in London, staff shortages, new building work at stations and improvements to bus and train scheduling as well as the easing of traffic congestion.


Series contains registers of staff and supplies, accounts books, notes of negotiations between union representatives and London General Omnibus Company Limited (LGOC) and minutes of meetings and conference agendas of Board and committee meetings concerning staff and passenger services. Also includes press cuttings collected by London United Electric Tramways Limited (LUT) and reports on laboratory tests on equipment used by LGOC.


This series contains a digitised copy of a staff register held in the London Transport Museum (LTM) collection.

circa 1890-1900

This series contains a digitised copy of a staff register held in the London Transport Museum (LTM) collection.


TfL Main Website

This series contains a staff discipline book for omnibus drivers and conductors including personal details of staff and details of offences.


Collated virtual exhibition with narrative highlighting TfL's role in WWII

This series contains minutes of meetings of the Managing Committee, directors and officers, members of the Fund, council and trustees; including details of elections, resignations and deaths of members, pensions, cash statements, the investment of funds, membership applications, refund applications and cheques signed. Also includes accounts with details of amounts received and where received from, amounts paid out and where paid to and contributions received and returned. Details of pensioners are also included as well as reports and the rules of the fund.


This series contains correspondence, memoranda, minutes of meetings, handwritten notes and reports concerning matters relating to the operation of buses and management of bus personnel. Subjects include pay disputes, staff welfare, accidents involving buses, complaints by the public, the introduction of decimalised currency, fares revisions, the use of women conductors during and after World War II, safety allowances, staff recruitment, training of bus crews, public correspondence received, staff visits to other countries, educational courses for personnel, bus tours of London, the use of staff records, problems with strikes and rules for conductors and drivers. Also includes invoices and contracts for the supply and maintenance of coin counting machines on buses as well as staff notices, general notices and memoranda regarding the location of coin counting machines.


This record group contains the following sections. Some sections may be blank as records do not currently exist: Surface Transport [LT000257] [Fonds] A. Traffic Operations [LT000257/001] [Sub-fonds] A.1 Traffic Control Centre [LT000257/001/001] [Series] A.2 Planned Works [LT000257/001/002] [Series] A.3 Real Time Operations [LT000257/001/003] [Series] A.4 Traffic Infrastructure [LT000257/001/004] [Series] A.5 Technology and Programmes [LT000257/001/005] [Series] A.6 Projects [LT000257/001/006] [Series] A.7 Network Performance [LT000257/001/007] [Series] A.8 CCTV and Telecoms [LT000257/001/008] [Series] B. Roads [LT000257/002] [Sub-fonds] B.1 Highways [LT000257/002/001] [Series] B.2 Tunnels and Structures [LT000257/002/002] [Series] B.3 Asset Investment [LT000257/002/003] [Series] B.4 London Routes and Places Strategy [LT000257/002/004] [Series] B.5 Projects [LT000257/002/005] [Series] B.6 Safety, Risk and Design [LT000257/002/006] [Series] B.7 Development and Delivery [LT000257/002/007] [Series] B.8 Road Space Management [LT000257/002/008] [Series] C. Congestion Charging and Traffic Enforcement [LT000257/003] [Sub-fonds] C.1 Road Network Compliance [LT000257/003/001] [Series] C.2 Contracted Services [LT000257/003/002] [Series] C.3 Projects and Programmes [LT000257/003/003] [Series] C.4 Technical [LT000257/003/004] [Series] C.5 Asset Portfolio [LT000257/003/005] [Series] C.6 Commercial [LT000257/003/006] [Series] C.7 Scheme Planning [LT000257/003/007] [Series] D. Cycle Hire [LT000257/004] [Sub-fonds] D.1 Operations [LT000257/004/001] [Series] D.2 Delivery [LT000257/004/002] [Series] D.3 Service Development [LT000257/004/003] [Series] E. Taxi Private Hire [LT000257/005] [Sub-fonds] E.1 Policies and Procedures [LT000257/005/001] [Series] E.2 Business Services and Development [LT000257/005/002] [Series] E.3 Knowledge of London [LT000257/005/003] [Series] E.4 Guidance Documents [LT000257/005/004] [Series] F. Community Safety, Enforcement and Policing [LT000257/006] [Sub-fonds] F.1 Police Contracts and Performance [LT000257/006/001] [Series] G. Communications [LT000257/007] [Sub-fonds] G.1 Planning [LT000257/007/001] [Series] G.2 External Communications [LT000257/007/002] [Series] G.3 Government Relations [LT000257/007/003] [Series] G.4 Internal Communications [LT000257/007/004] [Series] H. Operations [LT000257/008] [Sub-fonds] H.1 Health and Safety [LT000257/008/001] [Series] H.2 London River Services [LT000257/008/002] [Series] H.3 Victoria Coach Station [LT000257/008/003] [Series] H.4 London Buses Limited [LT000257/008/004] [Series] H.5 Projects [LT000257/008/005] [Series] H.6 Environment [LT000257/008/006] [Series] I. Finance Surface Transport [LT000257/009] [Sub-fonds] I.1 Accounts [LT000257/009/001] [Series] I.2 Cycle Hire Finance [LT000257/009/002] [Series] I.3 Major Projects [LT000257/009/003] [Series] I.4 Infrastructure [LT000257/009/004] [Series] I.5 Operations [LT000257/009/010] [Series] I.6 Financial Modelling [LT000257/009/011] [Series] I.7 Risk and Assurance [LT000257/009/012] [Series] J. Strategy and Planning [LT000257/010] [Sub-fonds] J.1 Bus Priority [LT000257/010/001] [Series] J.2 Education and Training [LT000257/010/002] [Series] J.2.1 Bus Driver Information Resources [LT000257/010/002/001] [Sub-series] J.3 Bus and Coach Licensing [LT000257/010/003] [Series] J.4 Consultation Delivery [LT000257/010/004] [Series] J.5 Portfolio and Benefits Realisation [LT000257/010/005] [Series] J.6 Borough Projects and Programmes [LT000257/010/006] [Series] J.7 Behaviour Change [LT000257/010/007] [Series] J.8 Community Transport (Dial-a-Ride) [LT000257/010/008] [Series] J.9 Freight and Fleet [LT000257/010/009] [Series] J.10 Environment [LT000257/010/010] [Series] K. Buses [LT000257/011] [Sub-fonds] K.1 Events Planning [LT000257/011/001] [Series] K.2 Contracts [LT000257/011/002] [Series] K.3 Contingency Planning [LT000257/011/003] [Series] K.4 Engineering [LT000257/011/004] [Series] K.5 Monitoring and Reporting [LT000257/011/005] [Series] K.6 Network Development [LT000257/011/006] [Series] K.7 Performance [LT000257/011/007] [Series] K.8 Resilience [LT000257/011/008] [Series] K.9 Ticket Technology [LT000257/011/009] [Series] K.10 Bus Station Control [LT000257/011/010] [Series] K.11 Network Traffic Control [LT000257/011/011] [Series] K.12 Night Network Control [LT000257/011/012] [Series] K.13 Technical Services [LT000257/011/013] [Series] K.13.1 Bus Scheduling [LT000257/011/013/001] [Series] K.13.1.2 Bus Schedule & Rota Compilation [LT000257/011/013/001/002] [Sub-series] K. Compilation Central Buses [LT000257/011/013/001/002/001] [Sub-series] K. Central [LT000257/011/013/001/002/001/001] [Sub-series] K. North West [LT000257/011/013/001/002/001/002] [Sub-series] K. South West [LT000257/011/013/001/002/001/003] [Sub-series] K. South East [LT000257/011/013/001/002/001/004] [Sub-series] K. East [LT000257/011/013/001/002/001/005] [Sub-series] K. North [LT000257/011/013/001/002/001/006] [Sub-series] K. West [LT000257/011/013/001/002/001/007] [Sub-series] K.13.2 Bus Stops [LT000257/011/013/002] [Sub-series] L. Director's Correspondence [LT000257/012] [Series]


Digitised and born digital images of highlight documents and items from the collections.

This series contains reports, minutes of meetings, notes and memoranda concerning the London Passenger Transport Board (LPTB) and World War II, including details of staff in the armed services, training courses, air raid precaution measures and protection from flooding, construction of new tube tunnels as air raid shelters, the use of stations as casualty clearing areas, arrangements for London Evacuation Scheme II and summaries of expenditure incurred through the protection of LPTB's properties. Also includes notes relating to courses for Civil Defence Officers describing their aims and main lessons to be learned from all theatres of war.


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