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Copyright, Citation and Licencing Information


Unless expressly stated, the copyright and other intellectual property rights (such as, design rights, trademarks, patents etc.) in any material provided on this website remains the property of Transport for London (or as the case may be another rightful owner). TfL owned material on this website, including text and images, may not be printed, copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, displayed, modified, reused, broadcast or transmitted in any way, except for the user’s own personal non-commercial use. Permission for any other type of use must be obtained from TfL Corporate Archives. Additional permission may be required where the copyright of the material is not owned by TfL.

Please note: any unauthorised use of TfL’s copyright and trademarks is an infringement of TfL’s Intellectual Property and may lead to legal action and other remedies permitted under the Trade Marks Act 1994 and the Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988.

The use of the Transport for London logo or the logos of any associated or subsidiary organisations must not be used for promotional or linking purposes unless prior approval in writing has been given. Please contact Transport for London’s Design Standards via the logo request form to obtain such approval.



This information is intended to advise archive users on how to cite and credit digital documents in notes, publications and theses.

To cite from the Archive, please include the following:

  • Name of the Archival repository: Transport for London Corporate Archives. (May be abbreviated to TfL Archives in subsequent citations)
  • Document reference: the ArchiveRefNum used to requisition the item.
  • Internal reference: details of the page number or other internal reference within the item.

Examples of full citation

  • Transport for London Corporate Archives: LT000315/1042, experiment S2488
  • Transport for London Corporate Archives: LT000404 Director of Planning: Executive Committee: Minutes and Memoranda


  • TfL Corporate Archives: LT000315/1042, S2488
  • TfL Corporate Archives: LT000404

We are aware that not all of our digital documents have an ArchiveRefNum. In these instances please use the Document Title instead.

Licensing – Media

For information on using TfL images, text, and video NOT FOUND using either this site or the TfL Corporate Archives other resources, please see TfL’s product licensing webpages for further help.

For information on using images, text, and video found using either this site or the TfL Corporate Archives other resources, please contact TfL Corporate Archives on

For information on licencing TfL’s Intellectual Property to develop commercial products please see TfL’s product licensing webpages for further help.


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