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Agenda, minutes and papers. Subjects include: 1. Apologies for absence and chair's announcements. 2. Declarations of interests. 3. Minutes of TfL Board held 2 June 2020. 4. Decision making during Covid-19 emergency measures, use of delegated authority and actions list. 5. Commissioner's report. 6. Elizabeth Line operational readiness and Crossrail update (see supplementary agenda) . 7. TfL Annual Report and Statement of Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2020 (see supplementary agenda) . 8. Safety, Health and Environment Annual Report 2019/2020 (see supplementary agenda) . 9. Finance report and revised budget (see supplementary budget). 10. TfL independent review. 11. Annual update on the Mayor's Transport Strategy. 12. Slavery and human trafficking statement 2019/2020. 13. Appointments to committees and panels and Board effectiveness review. 14. Report of Audit and Assurance Committee held 8 June 2020. 15. Report of the Joint Meeting of the Safety, Sustainability and Human Resources Panel and the Customer Service and Operational Performance Panel held 10 June 2020. 16. Report of Finance Committee held 24 June 2020. 17. Report of Remuneration Committee held 24 June 2020. 18. Report of Programmes and Investment Committee held 20 July 2020. Also includes: Minutes of TfL Board meeting held 29 July 2020 (signed).

2 Jun 2020-29 Jul 2021

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