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Agenda, minutes and papers. Subjects include: Procedural business: 1.1 Apologies for absence. 1.2 Minutes of the previous meeting held 22 July 2004. 1.3 Matters arising, not covered elsewhere. Business items: 2. Commissioner's report. 3. 2nd Quarter Finance report. 4. TfL business plan and Five Year Investment Programme 2005/6 - 2009/10. 5. Implementation of TfL Borrowing plan. 6. 2004/5 TfL Group budget - Proposed Changes. 7. Direction from the Mayor. 8. London Regional Transport Pension Fund and Trustee Company - Name change. 9. London Local Authorities & TfL Bill. Procedural Items: 10. Audit committee report. 11. Finance committee report. 12. Report from Safety, Health and Environment committee. Items for noting: 13. Documents sealed on Behalf of TfL. Other Items: 14. Any other business Also includes minutes for the current meeting.

22 July 2004-27 Oct 2004

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