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Agenda, minutes (of current meeting) and papers. Subjects include: 1. Introductions and Chair's report (oral). 2. Appointments. 2.1 Board Members and Advisors. 2.2 Statutory and Administrative Appointments. 3. TfL structure. 3.1 Organisational Structure. 3.2 Board Structure. 3.3 Appointments to Senior Posts. 4. Approval of Standing Orders. 5. Internal Policy Statements - TfL. 6. 2000/2001 Budget Inheritance. 7 Procedural Items. 7.1 Banking Arrangements. 7.2 Adoption of the Common Seal (oral). 7.3 LRT Pension Fund Interim Deed of Participation. 7.4 Orders Relevant to TfL made under GLA Act 1999. 7.5 Statutory Delegations. 8. Manifesto of the Mayor for London. 9. Any other business Also includes minutes for the current meeting.


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